What do you find here?

On this page I publish reports and videos about my travels. The focus of the blog is my one-year Central and South America trip, where I experienced a lot and developed myself as a person. Therefore I will go into it more intensively.

Why travel at all?

„You do not travel to arrive, but to travel!“

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Traveling is associated with a great longing for most people. A longing for adventure and the unknown. For my Central and South American trip, I deliberately planned my itinerary only roughly in advance. Again and again there were spontaneous changes. If you keep your flexibility when traveling, then at some point a special travel flow occurs. And in this flow you make very special experiences and certain moments of your journey you will not forget for a lifetime. Riding your motorbike in the clouds at an altitude of 3500 meters or being invited by locals to spend the night and eat in the middle of nowhere will make your emotions sprout. These are experiences that you certainly will not encounter in everyday life and that make traveling so unique and incomparable.

Power travel happy (he)?

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you with my answer. Although I am incredibly grateful for my trip and I have not regretted a day. But per se happy, he does not travel in my opinion. Of course you had unforgettable and unique moments on your journey. But even these fade with time and eventually brings you back to everyday life. Not much has changed in your friends and in your old environment. You sit in your apartment and ask yourself what has remained of your journey.

But why do some travelers come back from their travels as if they were changed? I think it’s because every long-term trip carries tremendous growth potential. Whether on a „traditional“ backpacking tour or an individual trip. Travel makes you grow and you get bigger every day. When traveling, you have to leave your comfort zone every day and face new challenges. No day is like the other and you have to react flexibly. You realize that there is much more to you than you realize, and many discover completely new sides and talents in themselves.

Whenever great feelings and emotions are at stake (of any kind), it comes to learning for humans. Due to the mentioned side effects this is disproportionately the case when traveling.

„At some point you will embark on another journey during your long-term journey“

You are more and more with your „inner self“ apart and get to know you better. For this mindfulness journey you need time and few distractions. First, you have more than enough on a long-term trip. In order to make the journey to yourself it is conducive at least to travel alone every now and then. Because here it is easier for you to focus. Of course, this is not always easy and you have to be able to stand it. We are just not used to spending time with ourselves these days. But I see this as a great opportunity. The confrontation with yourself offers the opportunity for a contented and meaningful life, from which you can benefit even after the trip.

„Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer.“

So again to draw the arc to the initial question. Travel does not necessarily make you happier. But it has great potential for change processes that can sustainably enrich your life. But only you can move the sails in a different direction. Only courage, because it’s worth it!

Why Central and South America?
Before starting my Central and South American trip, I rummaged through many travel blogs and got inspired. At the core of my travel planning was always to be able to travel as long as possible with a limited budget. After having played through various travel scenarios, I finally landed in the region around Central and South America. Here I have already spared myself high costs for many flights, which makes traveling more sustainable. And also the price level was here in the moderate range. In addition, I was able to fulfill another dream on this trip, namely to cruise the motorcycle over the Panamericana. The more I thought about it, the better I liked the story. And then, finally, I nailed my nails and booked my plane ticket to Mexico. In retrospect, it was the right decision. A trip to Central America and South America I can only recommend to anyone who is curious, can inspire for other cultures and languages ​​and loves nature.

Which itinerary did I choose?
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